More Collaboration

Welcome to the Massachusetts-Oresund Life Science Collaboration platform – or in short MORE-Collaboration. MORE-Collaboration is a strong partnership between Region Hovedstaden, Region Sjælland and Region Skåne, who have joined forces and launched an international partnership program for life science companies in collaboration with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC). The aim of the platform is to build bridge between the life science industry in the Oresund region and the World's largest life science cluster in Massachusetts, by directly supporting projects made in collaboration between companies in the two regions. 

MORE-Collaboration is operated by three major science parks in the Oresund region, COBIS (Region H), Medicon Village (Region Skaane) and CAPNOVA (Region Sjælland).

Currently we are running the Universal Partnerships program (UPx). Find more information about the program on the following pages.

MORE Collaboration

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